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     Inspired by running over 30 full marathons and connecting with nature through standup paddleboarding, I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that had its roots tied to the Great Lakes and Midwest region, but offered something bigger.  A lifestyle brand that individuals could connect with across the Country and globe.  Regardless of age, culture, and faith....every individual has a passion or better said- a pursuit.  With work and family responsibilities; that pursuit and passion often fades. 

     The Great Lakes Pursuit lifestyle brand is about capturing that magic and rediscovering our pursuits or pursuing it even further than you already are now.  Whether it is 5 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day, 1 hour a day, or only on the weekends; that is one of the missions of the brand.  

     This lifestyle brand is different in the sense it offers tremendous freedom.  It's not tied to one activity like running.  It's up to the individual and consumer to determine their pursuit.  The Great Lakes Pursuit encourages and promotes an active healthy lifestyle, a commitment to the outdoors, exploring in a safe and responsible way.  Whether it is running, walking, biking, hiking, paddleboarding, gardening, dance, yoga, reading, swimming, playing the violin, drawing, or another activity or hobby- The Great Lakes Pursuit lifestyle brand has a place for you.

     The brand celebrates the journey and process.  It represents the obstacles in life and the satisfaction of reaching that destination.  We look forward to offering high quality and unique products.  More importantly, we hope to encourage the individual and consumer to free your pursuit. 






Great Lakes Pursuit
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